Explore some of the real-world scenarios that showcase our expertise in delivering efficient and effective logistics solutions. Each case study presented here offers a unique perspective on the challenges faced by our clients and how KAG Logistics partnered with them to overcome these hurdles.

Supply Chain Flexibility Safeguards Market Share & Profits

Supply Chain Management Services

BACKGROUND – A leading beverage manufacturer faced severe supply chain disruptions and a critical raw material shortage, directly threatening their production schedule and market presence.

Logistical Leverage

Managed Services

BACKGROUND – KAG Logistics designs an integrated solution to a major fuel retailer’s logistical framework to unlock substantial cost savings and increase operational efficiency.

Dedicated Fleet

Fleet Management Services

BACKGROUND – A significant quality control issue arose when a Global Fortune 500 chemical company discovered off-spec product contamination in their customer’s tanks. With a busy season approaching, the urgency to rectify the situation was paramount.

Transloading Services

Transloading Services

BACKGROUND –  A tapped out fuel market negatively impacted a western-based convenience store’s gas/diesel supply causing frequent shortages and significant price increases. It was critical they find a reliable way to keep their stores fueled while keeping prices down for their consumers. KAG logistics suggested a transloading solution.

Visibility Solutions

Visibility Solutions

BACKGROUND – During routine execution of bulk shipments, a variety of unexpected delays or events can occur that sometimes prompt a large influx of phone calls, disgruntled customers, missed appointments, etc. As a result, this can create late pickups or deliveries and increase costs.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

BACKGROUND – The realization that Hurricane Harvey was to bring more than 40 inches of rainfall to greater Houston lead to pre-landfall panic buying that more than doubled sales per location. The post-storm outcome showed that it crippled our country’s infrastructure not only in Houston, but in markets supplied by Houston as well (roughly 20 percent of U.S. production).

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