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The importance of shipping and supply chain logistics has become evident since nationwide inventory shortages occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to demand surges, operational costs have risen, and it has become even more important to rely on a trusted logistics team with decades of experience and a dependable network of carriers that can flawlessly deliver your goods while saving you both time and money.

KAG Logistics provides industry leading transportation management solutions and value-added logistics services designed for the Energy, Renewable Energy, Chemicals, Specialty Products, Food, and Industrial Gas supply chains across North America. Our solutions are tailored to meet individual customers’ needs supported by an experienced KAG Logistics team, proven business processes, and Best in Class technologies.

From order planning through freight audit, KAG Logistics has the team and technology to manage your transportation, whether it be a single plant or your entire supply chain. We specialize in multiple modes, so you can engage with a single point of contact for all your shipments. With our door-to-door coverage, you have peace of mind with constant communication and order tracking. We manage the how, when, and where for you, saving you hours of freight management time while lowering operational costs.

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