A global pet food manufacturing company faced the need to quickly scale and maintain operations above normal production levels due to a severe supply chain shortage.

The Challenge

The client sought a reliable solution for finding, vetting, and managing additional carriers in the Midwest market. It was imperative these carriers understood the nuances of the food products space and how to ensure the safe and timely transport of the customer’s wholly owned trailers dedicated to their pet food business.

The Solution

KAG Food Products leveraged the expertise and extensive carrier network of KAG Logistics:

Scalable Solutions


Within weeks, KAG Logistics implemented a dedicated solution with 20 dedicated drivers delivering the same billing, communication, and service that the long-tenured customer had grown to expect from KAG Food Products. During a volatile time in our country and world, the customer was able to match the extreme fluctuations in market demand by partnering with KAG to quickly scale operations.

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