KAG Logistics (, a division of The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc., is an industry leader in transportation and logistics solutions for North America’s liquid bulk industry specializing in petroleum, renewable fuels, chemicals and specialty products. Logistics operations and customer service are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. KAG Logistics provides managed transportation, brokerage and logistics solutions using industry-leading technologies.


During routine execution of bulk shipments, a variety of unexpected delays or events can occur that sometimes prompt a large influx of phone calls, disgruntled customers, missed appointments, etc. As a result, this can create late pickups or deliveries and increase costs. However, with limited or no access to comprehensive real-time shipment tracking information, the effort to monitor shipments, identify problems or exceptions, communicate timely and take action is exceptionally difficult. In order to address this challenge, the KAG Logistics solutions team integrated business processes with software technology experts as well as a large chemical manufacturer logistics team to deploy a solution that proactively monitors and provides accurate, realtime tracking options for all shipments.


This collaborative effort resulted in the customized development of a web-based real-time tracking solution integrated with business processes for bulk customer shipments. It features predictive capability to proactively alert all parties involved if a shipment is expected to arrive prior to or after the requested delivery time.

Real-Time Tracking Infographic


Customers should expect an 8-12 percent increase in delivery performance and reliability overall. They should also expect a significant reduction of phone calls between all parties, thus saving thousands of dollars in expenses spent on employee time and management. KAG Logistics received a supply chain award from one customer for the solution set that was developed.

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