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Merchant Gas

Merchant Gas

KAG Logistics supports The Kenan Advantage Group’s Merchant Gas Group with transportation and logistics value-added services.  Our services integrate with the specialized transportation needs of the of the industrial gas industry.

The KAG Logistics solution consists of the following services optimized by best-in-class technologies:

  • 24/7 Logistics Operations and Customer Service Center
  • Transportation Management
  • Trans-load Operations and Execution
  • Special Projects and Campaigns
  • Carrier Management
  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Business Intelligence

To speak with a KAG Logistics representative regarding your renewable fuels needs, please call 800.536.3638.

Dan KAG Logistics 4366 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, N. Canton, Ohio 44720 US Contact us by phone: 800-969-5419, Fax: 1 Phone: 800.969.5419
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