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KAG Logistics leads the industry with proven strategies, execution processes and technology to help meet your fuel management, transportation and logistics objectives across North America.  KAG Logistics solutions have delivered 3 to 6 percent improvement to customers’ bottom lines.  Our operations plan, manage and execute more than 3 billion gallons of products from sourcing to delivery each year.  All while leveraging North America’s largest network of transportation and logistics service providers.

KAG Logistics’ solutions consist of the following services, optimized by best-in-class technologies:

  • 24/7 Logistics Operations and Customer Service Center
  • Integrated Fuel Management Program
  • Supply Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Trans-load Operations and Execution
  • Emergency Response and Recovery
  • Special Projects and Campaigns
  • Carrier Management
  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Business Intelligence

To speak with a KAG Logistics representative regarding your petroleum logistics needs, please call 800.536.3638.

Dan KAG Logistics 4366 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, N. Canton, Ohio 44720 US Contact us by phone: 800-969-5419, Fax: 1 Phone: 800.969.5419
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