Fueling Innovation

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

KAG Logistics will revolutionize the last mile petroleum supply chain through the nation’s first, fully automated, end-to-end logistics services offering. We will be recognized as the industry leader and superior provider of value-delivering solutions to our customers. Our strength will be our disciplined approach to execution utilizing the latest technologies, our abundant fleet resources, our highly trained and motivated personnel, and advanced processes.  These core competencies will be leveraged to expand KAG Logistics into niche’ chemicals and other similar markets outside the petroleum industry.

Mission Statement

KAG Logistics will achieve this vision by:

  • instilling all personnel with a passion for innovation and technological advancements;
  • conducting our business in a manner that protects the safety of our employees, customers, the public and the environment;
  • offering the full spectrum of logistics services to customers which will allow them to focus their time and assets on their core business competencies;
  • utilizing state-of-the-art supply chain management technology and web-based customer integration tools;
  • driving down internal costs to become the most efficient logistics provider;
  • providing unmatched geographic coverage;
  • balancing centralized support and efficiencies with local service and attention to detail;
  • hiring and retaining top notch personnel who are dedicated to quality and service;
  • expanding service offerings to increase penetration in existing accounts while attracting new customers through industry reputation and superior performance;
  • providing a challenging and positive work environment for our employees.